​Student Representative Council (SRC)

Our SRC is comprised of students elected or appointed to positions by their fellow students. It works to create and improve opportunities and activities for students to develop a strong school community and positive relationships.

Holy Cross SRC


Co-Presidents - Daniel L. & Isaac R
Secretary - Camille T.
Treasurer - Jensen T.
Chief Returning Officer - Hannah B.
Grade 11 Reps - Emma L. & Ryan J.
Grade 10 Reps - Sarah N. & Sam D.
Grade 9 Reps - Aeryal M. & Henry T.
Pep Club Coordinators - Chaela D. & Zach T.
Advertising Coordinators - Brendan H. & Sydney J.
Directors of Clubs - Jeshika B. & Anthony O.
Spritual Coordinators - Annalise C. & Maria G.
Athletic Coordinators - Madigan C. & Jake N.
Technical Director - Noah L. & Bonnie Y.
Assistant Tech Directors - Maverick G. & Katie K.
Members at Large - Anthony A., Rachel B., Agnus B., Dane B., Lyrra C., Lauren C., Jarie D., Chelsea E., Mary E., Abe F., Logan H., Diana I., Taylor K., Yohanna K., Carsen L., Andrea L., Sierra L., Ernest L., Emma L., Rellie M., Caitlyn O., Laure O., Rachel R., Nina S., Lisa S., Nicole S., Sarah S., Grace S.