• Help Protect Locally Elected Boards of Education

    The Government of Saskatchewan is conducting a governance review for kindergarten to Grade 12 education—part of the “transformational change” to education we have​ been hearing about since June’s provincial budget. Deputy Premier and Minister of Education Don Morgan has stated that amalgamating school d​ivisions and eliminating elected boards of education, and replacing them with government appointed boards, are possibilities.  A recently released report is available at http://bit.ly/PerrinsReport

    ​Locally elected boards are accountable to the electorate and help hold the provincial government to account. They are important advocates for ensuring excellence in education. Who better to serve the needs of students—which are unique to each division, and even each school within divisions—than those elected by our community to represent our community? 

    ​Greater Saskatoon Catholic School’s Board of Education asks for your support. Here are some possible ways that you can express your support for education and stand up for locally elected boards of education: 

    1. The provincial government welcomes feedback until January 23, 2017. You can fill out an online form at http://bit.ly/K-12ReviewFeedback or email K12govconsultations@gov.sk.ca

    ​2. Join the “Add your voice! Education belongs to the community” online and social media campaign.

    ​a. Information, a short video and tools are available at http://saskschoolboards.ca/education-belongs-to-community/

    ​3. Contact your local Member of Legislative Assembly. a. A list can be found at http://www.legassembly.sk.ca/mlas​​​​