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St. George School History

Patron Saint:

St. George was born in Cappadocia, at the close of the third century, of Christian parents.  In early youth he chose a soldier's life, and soon obtained the favor of Diocletian, who advanced him to the grade of Tribune.  When, however, the Emperor began to persecute the Christians, George rebuked him at once sternly and openly for his cruelty and gave up his commission.  He was in consequence subjected to a lengthened series of torments, and finally beheaded.

There was something so inspiring in the defiant cheerfulness of the young soldier, that every Christian felt a personal share in this triumph of Christian fortitude; and, as years rolled on, St. George became a type of successful combat against evil, the slayer of the dragon, the darling theme of camp song and story, until "so thick a shade his very glory round him made:  that his real lineage became hard to trace.  Even beyond the circle of Christendom he was held in honor, and invading Saracens taught themselves to except from desecration the image of him they hailed as the "White-horsed Knight".

The devotion to St. George is one of the most ancient and widely spread in the Church.  In the East, a church of St. George is ascribed to Constantine and his name is invoked in the most ancient liturgies:  whilst in the West, Malta, Barcelona, Valencia, Arragon, Genoa and England have chose him as their patron.

We celebrate his feast day on April 23rd each year.

History:  School Name

St. George School is also named in recognition of the late George T. Molloy.  On April 1, 1961 George joined the staff of the Saskatoon Catholic Schools as our first full-time Secretary-Treasurer.  He held that position until his retirement on June 30, 1979.  It was then he was honored for his commitment to Catholic education and his many contributions to the operation and promotion of the Saskatoon Catholic Schools.  The administrative structure has changed; thus George will likely be on record as the only full-time employee of the St. Paul's R.C.S.S.D. No. 20 to have been designated as Secretary-Treasurer.

George received the respect and admiration of the entire Saskatoon community.  He was a fourth-degree Knight in the Knights of Columbus.  He was a member and held various executive positions in the Saskatchewan School Trustees Association.  George was also a Catholic School Division student before he joined the staff.  He received a citation and life membership in the Association of School Business Officials of Saskatchewan.  Mr. Molloy served for many years the parish of St. Paul's Cathedral as a parish council member, and held various executive positions on the council.

George served his community extensively through the United Way.  He served as the director from 1971 to 1980, and served as chairman for 1976/1977.

Mr. Molloy served on many provincial education-related committees representing Saskatoon and its residents.  He set a wonderful example for all of us to follow.

History:  School

On August 23, 1978 the Board of Education approved the construction of a new elementary school in the Lawson Heights neighborhood at 748 Redberry Road. The firm of Ferguson Folstad Friggstad was appointed as architects of the school on December 6, 1978. Four months later, on July 12, 1979 the school was officially named St. George School in honor of Mr. George Molloy, Secretary-Treasurer of the school division. On July 12, 1979 Bennett and White Western Ltd. was appointed as the contractor of the school. The design concepts of the school were two-fold. First; to provide an atmosphere that would enhance the learning situation. Second, so parents, guests, and visitors to the school would feel the school is a part of the community and also feel at home when entering the facility.

The plan for the school was designed to be built in three phases. Phase one consisted of six classrooms, a resource area including a librarian office, a multi-purpose room, a gymnasium, a workroom, the principal's office, the general office, a nurse's room, a dental room, a staff room, the janitor's room, washrooms/change rooms and several storage rooms. Actual construction began in late June, 1979. Phase two was the addition of five classrooms plus a science/art room. The original thought process was to have construction of this phase begin in April or May, 1980. The area of Lawson Heights was bulging quickly, so it was decided to begin phase three before phase two was complete. The third phase saw an additional two modular Atco buildings or portables put in place, and then phase two was the last to be completed.

Construction was underway, but not quite complete on September 4, 1979, which was the first day of school. The students and teachers of St. George School met for the first time in their temporary quarters located at St. Anne School. Classes of the students and staff of St. George School took place in three pink portables on St. Anne's parking lot. There were 86 students from Kindergarten to grade six. The 21 grade seven and eight students were integrated with St. Anne School for the opening year only.  The preliminary registration of students took place at St. Anne School or at the Catholic School Board Office. On September 4, 1979 registration for all students of St. George School took place from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in the library at St. Anne School. Regular classes for grades one to eight began at 10:00 a.m. the same day. The Kindergarten students began classes on September 6, 1979. A bus route was designed to pick up students for St. George and St. Paul Schools. Stop number one was at 8:20 a.m. Stop number 13 was St. Anne School, the temporary location of St. George School. Stop number 24 was St. Paul School. The return trip left St. Paul School at 3:30 p.m. and was the reverse of the morning route. This service was provided with no cost to parents.

The temporary location and transportation arrangements were altered on April 14, 1980 when the staff and students from Kindergarten to grade six moved into the new building on Redberry Road. The first classes were held on this date even though the construction of the school was not 100% complete.

Members of the board at that time were P.J. Hammel, chairman, R. Buzinski, M.M. Kowal, W. LaFreniere, F.E. McGrath, Joan E. Patola, and Marie Weiss.

The staff members began the 1979 school year with 86 students in the portables at St. Anne School and then moved to the permanent location:

Mrs. Judy Moneo                 Kindergarten
Miss Karen Omelan            Year 1 and 2
Mr. Doug Duncan                 Year 3 and 4
Mrs. Helene Cook                Year 5 and 6
Mrs. Helene Cook                French
Mr. Wayne Breker                Principal
Mrs. Arlene Hiller                 Secretary
Ms. Becci Burton                  Nurse
Mr. Vic Cochran                   Janitorial Services

As the opening school year came to a close, preparations were underway for its second year which would see the grade 7 and 8 students join them as the student population grew to 212 students.

The Blessing and Official Opening of St. George School took place on Sunday, November 9th, 1980.  The staff had grown to accommodate the growing population.

Mrs. Judy Moneo                Kindergarten
Mrs. Jacqui Beckett            Year 1
Mrs. Michelle MacAulay    Year 1
Mrs. Cathy Robison            Year 2
Mrs. Kelly Rochefort           Year 3
Miss Karen Omelan            Year 4 and 5
Mr. Larry Hounjet                 Year 5 and 6
Mr. Ron Fischer                   Year 7 and 8
Mrs. Ann Waugh                  Librarian
Mr. Wayne Breker                Principal
Mrs. Arlene Hiller                 Clerical Assistant and Teacher Aide
Mr. Wallace Berg                 Caretaker
Father B. Dunn                    Chaplain

The school held a contest to design the St. George School banner. The winning recipients were Jody, Michaela and Collin Jenkins. They were awarded $5.00 each for their efforts.

The staff developed its first mission statement:
              As a Catholic School, St. George is a school in which God, His truth, and His life are integrated into the entire
              curriculum and everyday life of the school. Its aim is to introduce the students into a Christian community which
              is enlivened by the gospel spirit of freedom and charity; a community involving children, teachers, priests and parents;
              a vibrant living community which does not look in upon it but looks outward to all people without exception.

Throughout the years St. George School has been home to many strong leaders.  The principals of St. George School include Wayne Breker (1979-1984), Mel Olauson (1984-1992), Peter Nicholson (1992-1997), Laura Foley (1997-2000), Ernest Boyko (2000-2003), Anita Romanoff (2003-2008), Kent Gauthier (2008-2010), Rachele Akerman (2010-2012), Lisa Domoslai (2012-2016) and Renee Cratty (2016-present).

St. George School has been a part of the community by hosting and participating in numerous community activities and celebrations. In 1982 when the City of Saskatoon celebrated its 100th anniversary, St. George School placed an entry in the Century Saskatoon Time Capsule located in downtown Saskatoon. It will be exciting to see St. George's submission when the capsule is raised in the year 2032.

In 2005 St. George School celebrated a milestone of its own - the school's 25th anniversary. The festivities took place on April 23, which is the feast day of St. George. There were presentations, performances, displays and dignitaries in attendance. When the school reaches 50 years of service and operation for the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division and to the community of Lawson Heights, it will be the year 2030. What new educational theory, methodology, and technology will be in place? Whatever the future holds, we can be assured that they will look back with fond memories of St. George School.