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Bullying occurs when a child is a target of repeated negative actions by one or more students.  Bullying means there is an imbalance of power and this results in the victim being unable to defend him or herself.  Bullying can be physical, verbal, reactive or relational (excluding one from a group).  Bullying (cyber bullying) can also occur online (for example: social networking, email, etc.)  Bullying involves an imbalance of power, creates fear, and is not gender specific.

At St. George School, we feel that everyone in our community has the right to feel safe.  Our approach to bullying and relational aggression is first through prevention: bullying and social skills programming, developing community and strong relations within our school and close supervision.  In the event of a report of bullying behaviour, we investigate carefully, respecting the confidentiality of all involved.  We problem solve, record the issue, and take appropriate action (taking into account the age and maturity of students, the level of harm that occurred and the degree of repetitiveness of the behaviour).