​​​Saskatoon French offers a Type A French Immersion Program

Type A Immersion is an approach to second language learning where 80% of classroom instruction is in the second language and excellence in English becomes a set priority which is monitored.  It is based on the principle that children learn a second language most effectively when using it in meaningful interaction in and out of the classroom.  There are many benefits to learning a second language, including:

  • Provides students with a competitive advantage in our global environment community.
  • Provides a positive effect on linguistic and intellectual development.
  • Enhances and intensifies first language learning (increasing vocabulary and creativity).
  • Allows experience of literature, music, art and film in original form.


To provide the best possible education that allows children to grow with diversity and challenge, SFS offers the following:

Strong Academic Programming - SFS offers an accelerated and challenging academic program.

High Quality French & English Instruction - All French is instructed with a high degree of fluency by all staff and is communicated in and outside of the classroom.  English is taught one hour a day from Grades 3 to 8 by exemplary English language staff with emphasis on vocabulary, grammar, composition and study.

Small Class Sizes - Class size in the lower grades is 15-20 students.  The school believes that a quality education is best delivered to smaller groups of students allowing staff to focus on individual differences, potential and need.​