Our Catholic school community council (CSCC) is very involved in the life of the school. The CSCC advocates for parents and students, raises funds for major projects and classroom instruction and supports and advises on school Learning Improvement Plans. Currently, the CSCC is working hard on establishing a constitution for our new school.

Contact Mrs. Tenaski (306-659-7850) for more information.

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 Holy Family School Playground Project

A committee of hardworking community members are presently planning and fundraising for a new creative play structure for our school. This committee was formed in the spring of 2014 and has been working tirelessly to raise $150,000. If you are interested in joining this committee please contact Brad McNairn at bradco21@hotmail.com.

Please follow us on our web site at www.holyfamilyplayground.ca and/or "like" our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/HolyFamilyPlayground.

 ***** Our playground is now complete!!!!  Thanks to everyone for their hard work and contributions!