May 29, 2017


Dear St. Dominic Community;

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools has been conducting a multi-year review of all transportation services provided to our students. As part of that review, and in light of our division facing a $9.7 million funding shortfall for the 2017-18 school year, we are making several changes to our transportation guidelines.

Each school division in the province receives a certain amount of funding for transportation based on a provincial funding model. With a new provincial funding model in place, we need to bring expenditures on transportation in line with funding. We can no longer afford to maintain our current level of service, so we need to make some tough decisions around transportation for next year.

The following changes will be made in conjunction with Saskatoon Public Schools and will take effect in September 2017:

  • Utilize shared busing where economically appropriate;
  • Noon transportation will cease for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten; half-day kindergarten classes may shift to full-day, every-other-day (a model that already exists in many schools in the city);
  • Walking distance to be eligible for busing will increase to 1.2 km from the current 0.8 km (where applicable). School administration will contact families impacted by this change;
  • Where applicable, pre-kindergarten students will use group bus stops with K-8 students


We recognize that these changes will create some challenges for families who have come to rely on transportation. These changes will save the division $1 million annually. As stewards of our resources, these efficiencies will help us keep resources in the classroom and maintain our focus on student learning.

If you have any questions, please contact your school.

Yours truly, 

Greg Chatlain

Director of Education