Christian Ethics

Bishop James Mahoney High School is a Catholic high school and as such, the life and activities of the school are to be filled and governed by the Spirit of the Gospel. They are to flow out of and express the underlying mission of the school.

Christian Ethics is an integral and vital part of the education and formation of each student in the school.

The objective remains to encourage in students a deep and life-long love for Jesus Christ, the Christian faith, the Church, the Sacraments and prayer life. Liturgical celebrations throughout the school year support this objective.

Participation in the Christian Ethics program is compulsory. A major component of the Christian Ethics program is Christian service hours. Students must complete Christian Service hours in order to get credit for the class.

Each semester "Teen-Aid" presentations are made in all Christian Ethics classes. Teen-Aid is committed to promoting chastity as the healthiest lifestyle for teens. Dates for presentations will be announced in the school newsletter.


Bishop James Mahoney High School is founded on Catholic Christian beliefs and at the heart of our philosophy is the opportunity for every student and staff member to grow in faith and be given support in life’s journeys. Mr. Saretsky, our school chaplain, helps provide this opportunity by:

  •  Being present to staff and students in the development of their own faith lives.

  •  Building community and celebrating faith in the school and with the greater community.

  •  Coordinating prayer, liturgical services, and daily devotions for the school.

  •  Providing prayer support for people in all of life’s circumstances.

  •  Preparing masses and liturgical celebrations including Divine Liturgy.

  •  Collaborate in coordinating charitable activities such as food and clothing collections.

With the other members of the school community, our chaplain plays an important role in spiritual guidance by providing support, comfort and direction, ministering to the sick, visiting bereaved families and remembering them in school prayers, helping students new to Bishop James Mahoney High School and helping students who are experiencing difficulties at home or in school.

Our School Prayer

Lord God, we come together today and every day to build a community of love and faithfulness in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.

You have bestowed many blessings upon us. In thankfulness and gratitude, may we use our talents and gifts always to bring glory and honour to You.

Help us to strengthen our triune bond between home, school and church. Lord, we ask you to be with us as we continue to build our Bishop James Mahoney High School family. Send Your Spirit upon us today and always. May our actions and our words reflect the teachings of Jesus Christ. We make this prayer through the Holy Spirit. Amen. All Saints: Pray for us.