COVID-19 Update: In-school classes for 2020-21 begin September 1. Read our Return-to-School Plan.

The school is named after St. Augustine (354 - 470), a philosopher, theologian, orator, pastor and man of God. It opened in 1975 with eight permanent classrooms, a small library, science room and gymnasium. Located in East College Park, it is attached to St. Augustine Church. The official opening and blessing of St. Augustine ​school and chapel was held on October 3, 1976 with Father Al Pich and Father Ken Beck. The school has been known for its innovative programs, sports and extracurricular activities since it opened. The first principal, Sister Juliana Heisler, stressed the importance of living one's faith and focused strongly on early reading, community-building, school sprots and the incorporation of physical activity into each school day. In 1979-80, St. Augustine became the largest Catholic school in the city, growing to 472 students, including 72 in kindergarten and 70 in Grade 1. Throughout its history, St. Augustine has had an engaged parent community that actively supports its school.