Belief Statement

St. Angela students, parents and staff believe in the following principles:

Faith, Hope and Charity - We come to know, to love, and to serve God, our creator, and each other. Through Christ's example of unconditional, endless love and with guidance of the Holy Spirit, we hope each of us accepts the challenges in our lives to be Christ-like.

Respect - We respect ourselves, others, property and our environment.

Honesty - We know that honesty is the basis for trust.

Forgiveness - We all make mistakes. Mistakes are an opportunity for growth and forgiveness.

Individuality - We are unique. Each of us has special gifts to offer.

Belonging - We care about each other. We feel we belong. We know we belong.

Learning - We take responsibility for our learning. We do our best.

Cooperation - We work together to have a peaceful school and community.

Safety - We have the right to feel safe. We have the responsibility for the safety of others. Each of us strive toward a positive attitude.