• Intensive French enhances the Core French program by offering a period of intensive exposure to French in Grade 6.

  • Students receive up to four times the usual number of hours of French language instruction.

  • Students in Grades 7 to 12 continue to receive enhanced French programming in Post-Intensive French, with units of study that offer increased levels of complexity.

  • Classroom communication is in French and is part of student activities and events.

  • Project-based instruction motivates students to communicate in French.

French is taught for approximately 65 per cent of the school day during a five-month period. Subject instruction in English makes up the remaining daily instruction time. Intensive French students acquire a high level of competence in oral and written French as a result of the five months of intensive instruction.


  • Children gain many benefits from learning a second language.

  • After five months, many students will be able to carry on a conversation in French and will be able to write at the level of a Grade 3 Francophone student.

  • The program increases students' self-esteem, self confidence and independent learning skills.

Further Information

Intensive French programs are offered at several schools and are open to students citywide. Transportation to a school offering Intensive French is the responsibility of the parents. 

The following schools offer Grades 6 to 8 Intensive French:



The following schools offer Post-Intensive French in Grades 9 to 12

Bishop James Mahoney High School

St. Joseph High School