COVID-19 Update: In-school classes for 2020-21 begin September 8. Read our Return-to-School Plan.


  • Cyber School is a distance education program providing online high school courses. 

  • Online resources, online labs ensure that students cover the full provincial program curriculum. 

  • Students can sign up at any time of the year thanks to continuous registration.

  • Interactive chat rooms, online bulletin boards and email help students stay in contact with their instructor and other students.


  • Students have the flexibility to work at their own pace and at their own convenience.

  • The program works well for students who:

    • play sports and need a flexible schedule to accommodate daytime practice; 

    • adult learners who want to take a class without having to attend a school; 

    • students who want to upgrade a mark to gain access to post-secondary education: or 

    • students who find the classroom environment goes too fast or too slow.

Further Information:

Cyber School website

Phone: 306.659.7700