• Pre-kindergarten programs provide early educational supports for vulnerable children. A list of schools where the program is offered is available below.

  • The half-day program emphasizes the development of the whole child, providing opportunities for children to develop socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. 

  • Admission to the program is by application. Children who would most benefit are prioritized. Contact the school office for additional information.

  • Pre-Kindergarten is available at each of our community schools.


  • Pre-kindergarten leads to improved social skills, better health and higher self-esteem.

  • Children in need have the opportunity to develop the social, emotional and intellectual skills that will help them succeed.

  • Early learning establishes a foundation for future school success and is an important investment in successful child development.

  • More information about pre-kindergarten is available in this Frequently Asked Qu​estions About Pre-kindergarten section on the Ministry of Education website.

  • If you would like to enroll your child in pre-kindergarten, please contact the school's main office and ask to speak to the principal.​ Admittance is based on application and criteria as set out by the Ministry of Education. The superintendent responsible for pre-kindergarten is Joanne Weninger.


Bishop KleinKent Gauthier, 306-659-7150
Bishop RoboreckiShawn Lorenz, 306-659-7180
Father VachonKris Hanson, 306-659-7210
St. Dominic – HumboldtDallas Puto, 306-682-1080
St. EdwardRenée Cratty, 306-659-7300
St. FrancesDarren Fradette, 306-659-7310
St. JohnEd Brockman, 306-659-7360
St. Maria GorettiMaria Monteiro, 306-659-7340
St. MarkOwen Fortosky, 306-659-7390
St. MaryKatrina Sawchuk, 306-659-7400
St. MichaelMike Thorson, 306-659-7420