• ​​Independent preschool programs are located in many of our elementary schools.

  • The programs are operated by non-profit organizations and run independently of the school division.

  • Programs are generally offered two-to-three times a week for three hours or less.

  • Preschool programs are currently available at the following schools.  Contact information is available at the school offices. 

​​Bishop Filevich Ukrainian Bilingual SchoolSadok Dzvinok
(Ukrainian Bilingual Preschool)
​Shirley Zlipko​306-227-0314
​Bishop Pocock School​Wildwood Co-operative PreschoolGail Mullock


​École Cardinal Leger School​Explores Preschool (French and English)​Nancy Lautner​306-659-7199
​École Sister O’Brien School​Little People’s Preschool (French Immersion)​Heather Rhodes306-220-2138

​École St. Gerard School​Petits Pandas Preschool (French Immersion)​Nicole Pabasiak​​306-659-7339
​École St. Matthew School​Mes Amis Preschool (French Immersion)​Lisa Drouin-Gardiner​306-230-6327
​École St. Paul School​Little People’s Preschool (French Immersion)​Heather Rhodes306-220-2138

​Father Robinson School​Happy Little Hearts PreschoolDebbie Joanis

Shauna Pearce
​Mother Teresa School​Mother Teresa Co-operative Preschool​Diane Wilby​306-659-7249
​Pope John Paul II School​Arlington Preschool​Margie Sollid​306-659-7468
​St. Angela School​Little Peoples Preschool​Heather Rhodes306-220-2138

​St. Augustine School - Saskatoon​St. Augustine Integrated Preschool​Debbie Haeusler​306-659-7279
​St. Bernard School​Little Roots PreschoolRobin Sasko

Mrs. Saban
​St. Dominic School - Humboldt​St. Dominic Co-op Preschool​306-682-1080
​St. Dominic School - Saskatoon​Precious Tots Co-Op Preschool​Johanna Clancy​306-659-7299
​St. Gabriel School - Biggar​Tiny Tots Nursery School​Susan Lehnert​306-948-3971
​St. George School​North Saskatoon Preschool​Jeanna Froese​306-659-7809
​St. Luke School​Emmeline Preschool​Andrea Neufeldt-Rodda​306-659-7258
​St. Marguerite School​Care-a-Lot PreschoolPaul Houk​306-229-2618