First Nations and Métis Education Unit

This group focuses on improving outcomes for First Nations and Métis students at Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools. Visit the First Nations and Métis Education section of our website. 

Aboriginal Languages


Language reflects culture and defines a people. The curriculum for K-12 is an integrated model promoting the growth and development of students' communication skills in an Indian language and thereby enhancing cultural awareness.


to promote student participation in varied learning situations and activities that will assist them in acquiring listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in an Indian or Michif language;

to develop an understanding and an appreciation of India and Metis cultures through language;

to develop students' listening skills which will assist them in learning an Indian language in various social contexts and situations;

to encourage enjoyment of learning to converse and to write in an Indian or Michif language;

to cultivate positive personal and social growth through use of an Indian or Michif language;

to encourage students to continue to acquire fluency through independent study with Elders and other fluent speakers.

Curriculum Guide

Aboriginal Languages K-12 Curriculum Guide

nēhiyawēwin 10, 20, 30 Curriculum Guide

Treaty Education

The Ministry of Education has worked closely with the Office of the Treaty Commissioner to develop and distribute the Kindergarten to Grade 6 Teaching Treaties in the Classroom resource. It is the culmination of work done by Office of the Treaty Commissioner, Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations and Ministry officials.

More information is available on the Treaty Education section of the Ministry of Education website.