• School divisions encouraging students to #TakeBackYourYear!

    Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, and school divisions across the province, is launching a campaign this week to keep students engaged with learning while physical classrooms remain closed. The campaign will promote graphics, information, and encouragement for students and families to continue with their learning through school division supplemental learning plans. 

    #TakeBackYourYear invites teachers, staff, students, families, and community members to share the hashtag on social media along with their own stories of success and encouragement for one another through this challenging situation. 

    Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools has been offering teacher-directed supplemental learning for students since the Government of Saskatchewan indefinitely suspended in-person classes in mid-March. Staff have been connecting with families and students to determine each individual's learning needs, and developing course work to support them. 

    Supplemental learning offers students a chance to improve their mark, but there is no risk of their mark going down. The learning schedule, lessons, and course work are flexible to accommodate the needs of each family and student. Teachers are ready and able to provide support. Staying engaged with teacher-directed learning right now will help with a smooth transition to a student's future—whether that's a return to the classroom, post-secondary learning, or the workforce after high school. Supplemental learning is also a positive way for students to stay in contact with classmates and friends.  

    Students and families who originally opted out of supplemental learning are encouraged to reach out to their teacher or school if they have further questions and/or choose to participate.

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