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CSCC Board

We are in the planning stages for next year so we wanted to take a moment to explain a little more about what the Friends of St Kateri Tekakwitha Community Association (also called CSCC) is. We are all St Kateri parents who have volunteered to help support our school in a variety of ways. The council is made up of 4 executives and up to 5 members at large. These 9 people are the voting members of the council. These positions (which we have outlined below) are held for a minimum of 2 years. June marks the end of our 2-year term. What this means is that all of our positions are considered “open” next year and anyone can put their name forward for the vote during the AGM. Our AGM will be held Sept. 22nd, 2021. If you are interested in joining our fabulous committee next year we ask that you submit your name and the position you are interested in to by Sept. 15th, 2021. Now there are only 9 voting members of council but that does not mean that is the max number of people needed on council. You are always welcome to come to any meeting, at any time, and volunteer to help organize or run or participate in any event we put on. We are ALWAYS looking for new insight, new ideas and plenty of help with events. So even if you feel you are unable to commit for a full 2-year term position we would still welcome your presence and help on council. We are going to be adding some advisory, non-voting positions to council next year as well so if you are interested in being part of council please contact us to find out more information.

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