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​​​You are valued here

Our goal is to create a workforce that reflects the diversity of Saskatchewan's population.

We value the contribution of First Nations and Métis people, new Canadians, visible minorities and people with disabilities. We are creating a work environment that is inclusive and respects each employee's strengths and differences.  


Why work with us

Our representative workforce strategy gives everyone an opportunity to benefit from our growing economy; everyone's social well-being improves.

We model Christ's teaching of respect, justice, service and courage.

All students and families experience a sense of belonging as they see the diversity in our workplaces, helping all students on their journeys to reach their full potential.


How to Apply

Please complete an online application. If you need access to a computer to complete your application, there is a computer at the Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools downtown office at 420 22nd Street East.

Online Application Procedures


First Nations and Métis Applicants

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools is a great place for Indigenous people to work. We are committed to creating workplaces where you will feel respected and valued. Our employees attend workshops to learn about First Nations and Métis culture and to clarify misconceptions. Elders work at several schools and we have a cultural consultant on staff.  

In the classroom, we teach our students about treaties, an important part of Saskatchewan's history. Our First Nations and Métis education team ensures Indigenous perspectives are respected in our classrooms.

APPLICATIONS: There are two ways to apply. You may contact Emily Martell, Assistant Manager, Human Resource Services to set up an appointment where we may learn more about your areas of interest and assist you with the application process. Email Emily at or call her at (306) 659-7042. Or you may submit an online application using the procedure above.

More information about our strategies to build a workforce that reflects the diversity in our community can be found in our Representative Workforce Strategic Plan.  


Type of Work Available


  • must have a valid Saskatchewan 'A' teaching certificate

  • must have a Bachelor of Education degree


Cree Teachers ('Y' Dialect)

  • must have a valid Saskatchewan 'A' teaching certificate

  • must have a Bachelor of Education degree

  • we will do a language assessment to gauge your fluency level


Educational Assistants

  • related post-secondary education and/or training

  • related work experience

  • strong interpersonal skills


Casual Secretary

  • certificate or diploma from a recognized training program

  • good working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs

  • strong interpersonal skills




Information technology and administrative support