Distribution of material

Who will you distribute material for?

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools will distribute information to schools ‚Äčon behalf of non-profit and community-based organizations, like sports teams and community associations, pending approval of the material to be distributed. We do not distribute material on behalf of for-profit organizations.

How do I receive approval for my material?

Please email a PDF to info@gscs.sk.ca or drop off a hard copy with main reception, with a note explaining your request.

Will you send out PDFs for schools to copy and display?

No, you must provide copies of the material you wish to distribute. Due to the number of requests received, we do not make copies on behalf of third-party groups. For example, if you have a poster you wish to have displayed in our schools you must provide the printed or copied posters, rather than only a PDF document.

How many copies should I provide?

To ensure a copy reaches each school and program, please provide 50 copies. You may choose to provide more than one copy per school. If this is the case, please pre-count and package the material - either by placing it in an envelope or clipping the pages together. You do not need to address the packages to each school unless you have specific materials for each school.

Is there other information I should include?

If it is unclear who the information is intended for, it is helpful to include a cover letter with each package specifying whether you would like your information posted for staff or for the school community in general.  

Where should I bring my materials?

Please drop them off with the receptionist at our Board office, located at 420 22nd Street East. During the school year, we are open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, including lunch hours. During summer and school holidays, hours are slightly reduced. Please call ahead to confirm the office will be open.

Newsletter announcements

How can I place an announcement in school newsletters?

If you wish to have an announcement placed in school newsletters, please email it to info@gscs.sk.ca for approval. If approved, it will be emailed to all schools. If you have an announcement for a specific community, please contact the school in question directly.

Please send a text-only announcement, in the body of an email - written exactly as you would like it to appear in the newsletter. Please do not send announcements in Word or PDF attachments.

How long can my announcement be?

Announcements should be roughly 75-100 words long, though they are treated with some flexibility.  


Please contact main reception at 306-659-7000 or email info@gscs.sk.ca