Rental Guidelines

  1. ​​Gymnasiums and multipurpose spaces are $15 per hour plus GST, Monday to Friday evenings. This charge only applies to groups that previously had access to the space at no cost. Community associations and churches will remain exempt from this fee for the 2018-19 school year. Weekend rates of $42.60 / hour + GST apply on Saturday and Sunday.  Rental Fees, Regulations and Procedures
  2. Rental requests shall be submitted online at least 7 days in advance. No exceptions will be made.
  3. Payment must be received in advance before rental groups can use the facility.
  4. High schools have a minimum 3 hour rental rate on weekends

Instructions are available below. Please read them and have a copy handy when you first visit the online booking site. 

Note: If rental groups can't access the facility booked, please call 306-220-6990 for assistance.

Online booking site

Our new Facility Rental System is coming soon.

Additional Information



Please contact Leslie Edwards at (306) 659-7020 or email