• An open letter to our Catholic school community

    This has been a week like no other.

    Last week’s tragic accident has affected us all deeply. No matter if you are in Humboldt, are directly connected, or are coming to grips with the week’s events from a relative distance, there is no escaping the reach of this tragedy.

    I cannot thank you all enough for pulling together and supporting each other—students, families and staff—as a Catholic school community.

    I continue to be amazed at the response and support our division staff are providing. Our official “boots-on-the-ground” support of our counsellors and members of our Tragic Events Response Team are providing tremendous leadership, as are our administrators, teachers and staff.

    So many of you are helping in so many ways: you offer a compassionate ear, give a timely hug, pray as a community (or in private), send flowers, buy coffee or lunch, support the GoFund Me campaign, or offer your assistance in any of the countless ways that you are. You are being a beacon of light and hope while working through your own grief and pain. Thank you!

    We can’t predict what the coming days or weeks will bring. I do know that that we will continue to find our way through this as a faith-filled Catholic community together.

    Greg Chatlain, Director of Education
    Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools

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