• Prairie Spirit and Greater Saskatoon Catholic work together to provide shared busing for students in Martensville and Warman

    Prairie Spirit School Division and Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools have partnered to offer busing for the new joint-use schools opening in Martensville and Warman this fall.

    Students residing in the rural and urban catchment areas for Martensville are eligible to be bused to École Holy Mary Catholic School and Lake Vista Public School in Martensville.

    Students residing in the rural and urban catchment areas for Warman are eligible to be bused to Holy Trinity Catholic School and Traditions Elementary School in Warman.

    Students residing in Warman who are enrolled in French immersion at École Holy Mary Catholic School in Martensville will be bused by Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools.

    "We're happy to be partnering with Prairie Spirit to offer bus service to our families. We're the new kids on the block in these cities, so we will definitely benefit from their years of experience in the area," said Diane Boyko, chair of Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools' Board of Education.

    "Prairie Spirit is pleased to be partnering with Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools to provide the busing service for all students in Warman and Martensville," said Larry Pavloff, chair of the Prairie Spirit Board of Education. "This focus on shared services and efficiencies reflects the Ministry of Education's direction, and we know parents will also appreciate this approach."

    Registration forms and stop locations can be accessed on the respective school websites. Locations are tentative and subject to change based on final registrations. Students from both divisions will be bused to the new schools using Prairie Spirit's existing transportation system.

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