• When one door closes...

    ​A familiar phrase tells us that when one door closes, another opens. It can be reassuring to be reminded that opportunities exist in unexpected places or circumstances—often hidden or obscured from our view, but present nonetheless.

    On Friday, November 18, the chapel door that then-bishop of the Roman Catholic Dioceses of Saskatoon Most Reverend Donald Bolen designated a holy door during the Year of Mercy at E.D. Feehan Catholic High School was, in essence, closed. With the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy ending November 20, 2016, E.D. Feehan’s holy door was decommissioned by Rev. Ciro Alfonso Perez, CSsR, at a school liturgy and reconciliation service.

    When this door closed, it, well, it stayed open.

    Unlike the familiar phrase about doors opening and closing, the door to God’s mercy is ever-present and always open. The end of the Jubilee of Mercy does not put an end to God’s mercy.

    At a student assembly the day before the decommissioning, Matthew Courchene, parish life director at St. John Bosco Parish, gave students a powerful message that there is nothing anyone can do to make God love you less. His mercy is always accessible for those who seek it.

    Other holy doors in the diocese—at the Cathedral of the Holy Family, St. Paul’s Co-Cathedral and St. Augustine Parish in Humboldt—were closed Nov. 13. The holy door at St. George’s Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral was closed on Nov. 14.

    Pictured: Bishop Bolen blessing E.D. Feehan's chapel door in April 2016
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