• St. Edward students honour Nobel Peace Prize laureate

    ​The Peace Plaza in Rotary Park had a red granite brick added to honour Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai on Tuesday, September 27.

    Students from St. Edward School's EcoJustice program sponsored the Rotary Club of Saskatoon Nutana's installation, raising the required $1,000 cost through various fundraising efforts like bottle drives and paid environmental clean-ups.

    "We really admire the strength, courage and resolve she showed standing up for the right for girls to have an education," Lauren Konok, a Gr. 8 student at St. Edward and part of the EcoJustice program, said of Yousafzai and why the class chose to honour her this way.

    Yousafzai is an education and women's rights activist from a Taliban-controlled region of Pakistan, where girls were barred from attending school. In 2012, she was shot for writing and speaking out against the repressive regime and promoting education rights for girls. She survived the attempt at her life, and in 2014, was named co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Price, becoming the youngest-ever Nobel laureate.

    "When Malala was shot, she was about the same age that our students will be when they leave the program in June," said Dustin Kasun, co-coordinator of the EcoJustice program. "The Taliban couldn't silence her influential words; ultimately she's a beacon of hope, love and courage."

    The students hope that the symbolic brick will be a permanent reminder of Yousafzai's actions, her survival, and the positive, progressive message she represents for citizens of Saskatoon.

    The EcoJustice program is a place-based, land-based and social justice program taught out of St. Edward School. It immerses 27 students from across the division in challenging them to critically examine and engage in the world around them.

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