• School community marks canonization

    ​Staff, students and other members of the Mother Teresa School community gathered at the Cathedral of the Holy Family for a special mass on Sunday, September 4 to mark the canonization of the school’s namesake who was known for her charity and service to the poorest of the poor in Calcutta, India.

    Canonization is the final step to being declared a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. Mother Teresa is now St. Teresa of Calcutta. Although, as Pope Francis commented at the official celebration in Rome, she will always be the familiar Mother Teresa in the hearts of many.

    Principal Rick Garman welcomed all in attendance, including students, parents, the school’s first principal Bernard Bitz, Board of Education trustees, superintendents of education, teachers and division staff.

    Fr. David Tumbach, pastor of the Cathedral of the Holy Family, was joined by Fr. Michael Dechant, OMI and Fr. Mark Blom, OMI to celebrate the special occasion with the school community. Fr. Tumbach shared several stories illustrating the saint’s humility and service. He used an analogy of a poker player who is all-in, the term for betting everything one has on a single hand. Mother Teresa was all-in; she gave all she had—her entire life—in loving service of God.

    Mass concluded with the singing of the school song led by Rhonda Baker who composed the song. It states that we are all pencils in God’s hands, referencing a famous quote of Mother Teresa.

    The school community handed out bookmarks specially made for the occasion and hosted a reception after mass.

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