• Team Naomi gets a boost

    For the past several months, references to Team Naomi have been seen and heard at St. Augustine School. No, the school isn't changing its name from the Eagles. They are showing their support for Grade 2 student Naomi Lendvay.

    Naomi was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare and difficult to treat form of cancer. She has been poked, prodded and scanned more than any seven year old should be. In a statement to the school before Christmas, Naomi's mom, Vanessa, said, "She is the true definition of living life to the fullest. She is handling chemo beautifully, and the many trips to the cancer clinic have not changed her outlook on life."

    That outlook seems to have inspired the folks at MD Ambulance and the Saskatoon Blades. Troy Davies, the director of public affairs at MD Ambulance—and parent of a St. Augustine student—proposed that MD Ambulance mark its 40th year of service in Saskatoon, and 15th year in partnership with the Blades, by having the two organizations join Team Naomi.

    At an event held at St. Augustine School on February 1, the Blades unveiled their special MD Ambulance jerseys that were worn on the February 2 game. Team President Steve Hogle announced that proceeds from the auction of the jerseys, and from the game's 50/50 draw, would go to support Naomi and the Lendvay family.

    The fact that Naomi is currently undergoing another round of chemo therapy didn't keep her away from the game. She even got to drop the puck at centre ice before the game.

    St. Augustine Principal Darren Hyshka said, "We really have an amazing school community. I can't thank everyone—especially the great people at MD Ambulance and the Saskatoon Blades—enough for supporting the Lendvay family." He also said that Kim and Vanessa, Naomi's parents, expressed their gratitude for all the support and that the hockey game was "the best night as a family since before Naomi's diagnoses."

    Pictured: Naomi Lendvay drops the puck at the Feb. 2 Saskatoon Blades game. Photo by Steve Hiscock / Saskatoon Blades

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