• Cyber School online learning

    Students in kindergarten through Grade 12 registered with Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools will be able to access online learning through Greater Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School during the 2020-21 school year.

    Elementary Online Learning: kindergarten – Grade 8

    In the Elementary Online Learning Program, students will be grouped by grade (from multiple school communities) and assigned to a teacher. The online content addresses curricular outcomes for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Religion and Science, integrating the remaining courses. Content is provided through both synchronous (the teacher is online with the students at the same time) and asynchronous (students access course content on their own at any time) delivery models. The content delivered through the synchronous model provides access to learning opportunities within all subject areas as outlined within Saskatchewan curricula. Assignments will be graded and progress reports will be provided in a similar fashion to face-to-face courses.

    Process to access Elementary Online Learning: kindergarten – Grade 8

Parents must notify your local school that you want to register for the Elementary Online Learning Program. Our Cyber School staff will follow-up with you shortly after notification. Students who choose the online option will be placed into a virtual classroom and assigned a teacher. Note that the establishment of virtual classrooms will take place mid-September and will lag behind the face-to-face classrooms. By mid-September, all students who elect to take the Elementary Online Learning Program will be contacted by their teacher. 

    High School Online Learning: Grades 9 – 12

    The High School Online Learning Program provides an online learning option for all required high school courses as well as many elective courses. The courses provide Saskatchewan curricula through an online, asynchronous delivery model (students access course content on their own at any time). Students work through the content with the support of a teacher. Assignments are graded and marks provided. Regular credit is granted upon successful completion.

    Process to access the High School Online Learning Program: Grades 9-12

    Parents are to register their child at their local high school and notify administration that their child will be taking classes through the High School Online Learning Program. Schools will provide direction for registering for the program.

    For more information contact the Greater Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School:
    •  Ryan Hauber, Principal: rhauber@gscs.ca 306-659-7701
    •  Todd Paslawski, Vice-Principal (high school): tpaslawski@gscs.ca; 306-659-7705
    •  Cara Hauber, Vice-Principal (elementary): chauber@gscs.ca; 306-659-7706

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Saskatchewan curriculum being taught? 
    Yes, the content follows the Saskatchewan curricula and is taught by Saskatchewan licenced teachers. Credits earned are parallel to face-to-face credits.

    Can my child re-enter face-to-face courses for grades K-8? 
    Yes, re-entry into face-to-face courses is possible. However, there are several things to consider including, but not limited to, classroom space in the grade at your home school and alignment of curriculum timing. For example, where the online class is at in mathematics compared to the face-to-face class may be different. A transition plan would need to be discussed with the school principal to support your child’s academic success. Natural transition periods, such as term end, or other breaks, such as Christmas, might be better transition times. 

    Can my Grade K-8 child join the Elementary Online Learning Program mid-year? 
    Yes. As with the previous question, there are numerous considerations with that decision including the curriculum timing alignment, among others. Natural transition periods, such as term end, or other breaks, such as Christmas, might be better transition times.

    Does the school division provide the hardware such as a laptop? 
    No, the division does not provide hardware. However, in order to support equitable access to online learning, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools may make technology available to students, depending on the availability of refurbished equipment. 

    As a parent, do I have to teach my Grade K-8 child in the Elementary Online Learning Program? 
    The Elementary Online Learning Program will provide both synchronous (the teacher online with the students at the same time) and asynchronous (student accessing course content on their own) opportunities. While the teacher will provide the learning opportunities, as with face-to-face classes, parental support and encouragement is vital to student success. This is particularly true in an online learning environment and even more important for younger students when they have work to complete. 

    What happens if schools need to move to online learning?
    If the Chief Medical Health Officer directs schools to move to online learning, students will stay with their class. Face-to-face classes will transition to online learning. 

    Is there a way to have my child do online learning and be with a cohort of children from their own school?
    No. The complexity in scheduling students and staff in both online learning and face-to-face classes does not allow this. Families who choose to enrol in online learning will receive information from their virtual teacher. Parents are encouraged to stay in touch with their home schools by visiting their school website and reading the school newsletters. 

    When do Elementary Online Learning Program courses take place? 
    The school day will follow a regular elementary school schedule. For the synchronous learning portion, schedules will be provided to families for planning purposes. The asynchronous portions can be done according to the home schedule. It is important to note that the teachers will be using a combination of large group, small group, and individual synchronous activities. Students will not be engaged in synchronous activities for full days. 

    Will Online Learning be available in French, Cree and Ukrainian? 
    Online learning will be available as an option for courses in English. At this time, we are not able to offer complete online elementary-level courses for French, Cree or Ukrainian. If there is enough demand, we will create online French, Cree or Ukrainian cohorts (groups of students in the same grade from various schools) that can provide some degree of instruction in French, Cree or Ukrainian. We will work with families on a transition plan when you decide to return to face-to-face learning to ensure you can continue on your language learning pathway.

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