• Supplemental Learning

    ​Updated April 3, 2020

    Schools have begun implementing supplemental learning plans. Remember, this is new for everyone, teachers and staff included. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your teacher or school.

    Elementary Supplemental Learning Plan Overview

    High School Supplemental Learning Plan Overview

    Home Learning Resources

    With our staff and the provincial Education Sector Response Planning Team busy developing supplemental learning plans, we want to remind parents of a few resources we use—and you have access to—to support your home learning. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list—we know there many good resources out there, and many of you have been sharing those on social media.

     Don't forget to:
    - Go outside for a walk (keep in mind physical distancing);
    - Draw and/or make crafts;
    - Cook as a family;
    - Read books together;
    - Play board games together as a family;
    - Pray as a family.


    Supporting Literacy at Homea series of division and Ministry of Education resources to support literacy at home;
    Scholastic Learn at Home: projects and activities to keep children from pre-kindergarten through Grade 9 reading, thinking and growing;
    Epic: a digital library of books and videos for children 12 years old and under
    Mathletics Grade 1 – 8: online math lessons, activities and games (for password resets email customerservice@3plearning.ca);
    Building Math Success – Parent Pamphlets: math supports for students in Grades 1 – 9;
    Growing in Faith Growing in ChristPearson's religion program for Grades 1 through 6; K, 7, and 8 are currently in development (username GIFGIC_student99; password Student99)

    Elementary and High School

    All online resources licensed by the Ministry of Education, including ROVER and online magazines, journals and newspapers are available outside of a school network with a Blackboard login. All teachers and students in the province have access to Blackboard through a default password. The username will be firstname.lastname and the default password will be the month and day of their birthday in the form of MMDD.  If users have login trouble, a helpdesk is available at networkservices@gov.sk.ca or 1-866-933-8333. 

    Students/parents can go to www.edonline.sk.ca and log in to Blackboard. They will then be prompted to create a more secure password. Once logged in to Blackboard, they will be able to access ROVER (including Curio and NFB Campus), online library resources, and a number of other resources under the "Teaching Tools and Supports" tab at the top right of the page.   

    ROVER could also be accessed directly from https://rover.edonline.sk.ca/, and when a video is selected, a Blackboard login prompt will be displayed. The experience is a little more seamless when a user logs in to Blackboard first.

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