• Spreading Kindness

    English as an Additional Language Teacher Charlene Neumeyer shares how École St. Gerard School students and staff are spreading kindness in their community with the help of a Be Kind Online grant.

    At St. Gerard, we are always finding unique opportunities to allow our students to connect with the diverse community around us. A Vietnamese student named Chau, was interested in understanding how Canadian communities support the elderly. Upon her interest, we created the foundation for what was to become an amazing learning experience.

    Our students are familiar with technology and wanted to share their iPads with the seniors at Porteous Lodge and read stories to the residents.

    Before the students embarked on this experience, we discussed the importance of keeping our technology friendly and welcoming. We acknowledged and discussed the dangers of bullying that can be found online, so we discussed how we could keep our technology safe and prevent various form of online bullying.

    Students were beyond excited to meet the residents and spread kindness and holiday spirit to them. The field trip will be treasured forever as students found ways to connect with various groups within our community and successfully demonstrate the values of St. Gerard: kindness, friendship, loyalty and empowerment.

    This content was originally published at https://bekindonline.com and has been edited for clarity.

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