• Easter Greetings!

    Slava Isusu Khrystu! Glory to Jesus Christ and the Creator!

    As I sit to write, I find myself distracted by the news of the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. As destructive as it was, we’re all thankful this historically significant monument of our faith still stands and will be rebuilt.

    My social media feeds were filled with photos and videos of the fire. What stands out to me are the images of people flocking to the scene. A viral video of people spontaneously singing Ave Maria reveals they weren’t just there out of perverse curiosity—they understood the significance of the event, of the building itself. This stone monument, or rather what it contained, meant something deep and everlasting.

    Parallel these images with the Gospel story of Peter and John running to the tomb. After Mary of Magdala told them what she saw (or didn’t see) they were compelled to go and observe it for themselves. They ran to witness something eternally significant. (As an aside, I always find it funny that John actually wrote down that he was faster than Peter.)

    “And he saw and believed.”

    As you gather with family and friends to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, my fellow trustees and I pray that you see and believe. See the central role family plays in the growth, formation and development of children. Believe what you do makes a difference in building up our future leaders who will make the world a better place. See that the tomb is empty and Jesus lives. Believe that we are to one day share in His glory. 

    Xhrystoc Voskres! Christ will be risen! 

    Diane Boyko, Board of Education Chair
    On behalf of Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools’ Board of Education

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